5/23/2020 - Australia vs. USA: Delter Press or Aeropress GO

Delter Press challanges Aeropress GO, two new products available

5/23/2020 - NEW product to clean from tea residuals from URNEX

URNEX Tea Clean and Tea Tabz solution are two products to clean from tea residuals and refresh porcelane as well as strainers

2/23/2020 - New Vithanakande: State of the art tea factory

"what are the grades in Sri Lanka"

2/22/2020 - ANKOMN: finally vacuum

Vacuum containers for coffee and tea ..., so far the best option

Ankomn: finally true vacuum system

There is a certain amount of products looking like a vacuum containers, which are declared for coffee, but there are not at all. Neither they do not provide any technical vacuum (using for example nitrogen), nor reaching a vacuum by draining away an air.

Most of them are just a piston based containers, which keeps an air inside a container with normal atmospheric air pressure and moisture in contact with stored products.

Ankomn containers are not only a fine solution in terms efficient space use (square base), but also nice looking products, which obtained RED DOT recognition. But what is most important, it really drain air from a container and therefor reduce amount of air and moisture in inside a vessel.

These are exactly the factors influencing shelf life and quality of stored food/products. These processes are oxidation/fermentation or rotting. But this will not prevent from bacteria as they do not need any oxygen to survive (but you can solve it by using fridge). But it has also an impact on living conditions of pests as they need air as any other animal.

These containers will never reach absolute vacuum (they take away about 50-70% of air) and you reach much lower pressure from atmospheric (this again is not really suitable condition for pests and other animals, but it is also not perfect environment for other living organism). It is recommended to renew vacuum every one or two weeks with a respect to used materials and material finishing to keep it working (otherwise it stays as usual container)

You can expect some 1200-1500 vacuum cycles (you can imagine lifetime of 3-5 years if you use it daily).

In our offer you can find actually two sizes 600 ml and 1200 ml with three kind of transparency levels (100% transparent, 40% transparent and black colour 0% transparent). If you have any interest in 300 ml or 2400 ml containers, please feel free to contact us to arrange product availability in the future.

In this link you can see vacuum installation in the container.