5/23/2020 - Australia vs. USA: Delter Press or Aeropress GO

Delter Press challanges Aeropress GO, two new products available

5/23/2020 - NEW product to clean from tea residuals from URNEX

URNEX Tea Clean and Tea Tabz solution are two products to clean from tea residuals and refresh porcelane as well as strainers

2/23/2020 - New Vithanakande: State of the art tea factory

"what are the grades in Sri Lanka"

2/22/2020 - ANKOMN: finally vacuum

Vacuum containers for coffee and tea ..., so far the best option

Timemore Scale update Spring 2024KeepCup Cold update Spring 2024


We are dealing with coffee and tea distribution almost one and half decade. We strongly believe we learn a lot, we also gain a lot of experience and we serve ov eone thousand customers in over twenty countries of Europe. Due to the fact we love to step forward and we like to share our expertise we have decided and herewith we have delivered our platform for you, professional s from HORECA segment or demanding consumers from Office world, who buys not only coffee (CO), tea (TÉ) and chocolate (CHO), but also equipment or accessoris for resale or just as gift item.  

We like to delivery a clear not too wide range of products that it is easy to navigate, but especially good value efor good money for high quality products. We like to continue to be a reliable partner, who delivers standard solution in long term perspective, on time delivery, responsability for quality standards and product availability. In our offer all products are tested and evaluated to keep good quality and a good solution for you, true professionals.

We do not like bad surprices and we do not want to make it to you. We are family run business and we take it personally to serve you in best way we can at adequate price. We are fully aware that your money you spent with us are giving our continuity and pays our bills.

That is why our customer is not just a subjects, who buys from us, but i tis something more, starting with a deep respect to you. We try to save your time and energy you can focus on your core business, what matters you most.

 We want to keep this platform simple you do not spend to much time there, but we want to keep you informed about our news and promotion here. And you find full product depth you need in adequate product width.

You find here all products you need for alll means of coffee preparation as well as most important tea and hot chocolates products, including products from ecological agriculture.

If you find anything missing you need for you, please feel free to address a request to us, and we will deal with it in professional manner as well as it can happen we keep the item in our stock and distribution offer, but it is not in this platform.

We hope you will use this platform regularly and you will appreciate possibility to buy everything a tone place. We will also expand some products (like polo shirts, cups, more coffee machines, but we also hope to bring some personalised items: cups&saucers, etc.)

We hope you will appreciate possibility ot copy past orders, you can see stock availability or more product details. We have also add option for urgent delivery for additional fee or more payment options.

We hope we fulfill your expectations, like we do to our actual customers through out Europe.