5/23/2020 - Australia vs. USA: Delter Press or Aeropress GO

Delter Press challanges Aeropress GO, two new products available

5/23/2020 - NEW product to clean from tea residuals from URNEX

URNEX Tea Clean and Tea Tabz solution are two products to clean from tea residuals and refresh porcelane as well as strainers

2/23/2020 - New Vithanakande: State of the art tea factory

"what are the grades in Sri Lanka"

2/22/2020 - ANKOMN: finally vacuum

Vacuum containers for coffee and tea ..., so far the best option


Soy cezve C4G 3-4 cup (silver plating)
124.90 €
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Code: C4G
Syo cezve C1G - 1 cup (silver plating)
79.90 €
In stock: more than 5 pcs
Code: C1G
Soy cezve C2G - 1,5 cup (silver plating)
97.90 €
upon order
Code: C2G
Soy cezve C3G - 2 cup (silver plating)
109.00 €
upon order
Code: C3G