5/23/2020 - Australia vs. USA: Delter Press or Aeropress GO

Delter Press challanges Aeropress GO, two new products available

5/23/2020 - NEW product to clean from tea residuals from URNEX

URNEX Tea Clean and Tea Tabz solution are two products to clean from tea residuals and refresh porcelane as well as strainers

2/23/2020 - New Vithanakande: State of the art tea factory

"what are the grades in Sri Lanka"

2/22/2020 - ANKOMN: finally vacuum

Vacuum containers for coffee and tea ..., so far the best option



It looks like we are a couple of decades back in time, there was a regular situation Australia and USA were in final rounds of Davis Cup, tennis team competition. And they are most successful teams in history despite being on completely opposite sides of our globe.

They also went completely different routes to its coffee reputation and glory in the coffee world. It is definitely thanks to their people´s entrepreneurship and innovation attitude.

Beginning of this year we extended our product portfolio with two with two slightly similar products:

  • one is just a derivate from traditional product - Aeropress GO from US as more compact on your travels,
  • the second is Delter Press from the south hemisphere and brings a bit different concept to reach more stable output.

What are the differences between these two new items in offer?

Aeropress Go is more compact version of classic Aeropress, where volume is just 5% smaller to original and the set contains also a cup, which has also a function of outer pack of the set for travel. If you are a true backpacker, there nothing to think as your best option to replace original version or other means to prepare coffee on your travels.

Delter Press is a bit different cup of coffee. Visually it is true reminiscence to original Aeropress, but in full see through plastic (Tritan), and an idea of the product is much different than you imagine with its look. The product is a bit more complicated in its construction. The major difference is an idea to change the way you filter your coffee.

  • The classic Aeropress works in the way you pour the water in „tank“ with coffee, you stir it and keep coffee to extract for time you like and taste profile you prefer to get from coffee. Disadvantage is you can reach overextraction.
  • Delter Press targets an idea of consistent coffee taste, where you fill a chamber with hot water and you inject this water into secondary chamber with coffee only by pulling the piston and final step is pressing the piston, to filter your coffee into your coffee cup. The strength of coffee you can influence by coarseness level of grinding and also the strength of pressure you press the coffee, what influence the time once coffee is in contact with hot water (time of extraction).


What are main differences?

Aeropress is slightly simpler for cleaning (but Delter Press is also not much more complicated to clean), the coffee from Delter is much more consistent (there is no risk of overextraction, as you cannot forget the coffee extracting in the chamber, this is a major plus in my opinion for people like me), you can also make double brew on Delter (you make a double portion of coffee and you do two batches of water). It is easy you just refill hot water second time in to primary chamber (this you can do exactly thanks to the fact you have separated coffee and water in chambers). I feel this is also a nice advantage once you are traveling as pair to save time and cleaning. You can play with coarseness of ground coffee, with time of pressing. (Primarily it is best first to suck and press slowly first 50 ml in order to moisten coffee in the chamber equally and then you press in next two presses. It is well recommended to suck a bit of air with the last one in order to evacuate coffee liquid from the chamber into cup.

I would compare Delter Press to direct injection of diesel engines. There is full control of process once the coffee is in contact with water, you do not need to watch the timer (apart you are experimenting or you really want to have one cup by the other one same) and brewing is in more continuous process. Delter Press is not completely different concept however. It has different solution to the concept and its existence is for sure eligible. One of my favourite features is fully transparent Tritan, I like the look and it is nice once you clean it.


and how to brew in Delter: