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Comandante C60 Baracuda Velvet Steel

Comandante C60 Baracuda Velvet Steel

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The Comandante® C60 Baracuda® is a robust, heavy-duty, high-performance manual coffee grinder.

The power of the the biggest and most advanced burr set manufactured by Comandante, together with a unibody construction, milled and crafted out of a single block of steel, gives absolute stability and maximum drivetrain efficiency. This construction out of steel manufactured using processes normally reserved for high-performance motor parts, result in a bold and clear-cut design that perfectly supports the function.

The Baracuda®’s optimised burr geometry, achieved a massive 2-3x higher bean thruput and yet a smooth grind experience that achieves a comfortable crank torque and a world-class particle size distribution to cover the full range of brew methods, from coarse settings for filter coffee down to super-fine settings for espresso and cezve/ibrik.

Weight: 1018g
Dimensions: Assembled: 195x200x60mm (Pack size: 150x115x60mm)

Body: High Performance Brushed Certified Stainless Steel (safe in contact with food and water)
Burr: Baracuda 60mm
Drivetrain: Stainless steel
Grind adjustment: GX50 Gold Clix* with the grind dial made out of brass
Knob: Big Joe made from solid European Oak
Crank: Equipped as standard with our Black Crank

*The fine GX50 thread of the Gold Clix drivetrain system allows for super fine adjustments of grind setting. With a vertical burr pitch of 41.6µm per click, the resulting change to your target particle size is around 21µm per click setting.
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