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Comandante X25 Trailmaster Dune
Comandante X25 Trailmaster Dune

Comandante X25 Trailmaster Dune

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X25 Trailmaster Dune


The new Comandante® X25 TRAILMASTER® is a sturdy, robust and lightweight coffee grinder. Degined for adventure. With the same grind performance (grind result and required strength) as the Comandante C40 thanks to the brilliant NITRO BLADE® burr set inside. The perfect companion to enjoy great coffee everywhere.

TRAILMASTER Dune is equipped with a state-of-the art Nitro Blade burr for familiar world class grind performance in this extraordinary new body. This high performance professional manual coffee grinder with patented stainless steel conical grinders that ensure a particularly regular grind size, with little production of fines. The click adjustment system is easy to use and impeccable precision, further refined with the Red Click kit.

The polygonal body is moulded into a stable single piece using cutting edge techniques.

The new housing is made of QTP® - a high performance techno-polymer with a substantial amount of quartz reinforcement particles, interwoven into an elastic and strong long-chain polymer matrix. It feels like ceramic and performs like a technical super composite. The QTP composite was originally developed for mechanical and equipment engineering. It’s also used in the automotive industry for bearing and gearbox components. QTP is safe in contact with food and water, and is a trademark of Comandante.

The X25 has a slightly smaller diameter than the C40, which is more comfortable for people with smaller hands.

Bean hopper capacity: 25 - 30g
Weight: 0.69kg
Length: 460.00mm
Width: 110.00mm
Height: 70.00mm

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