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Timemore Nano Scale Black
Timemore Nano Scale Black

Timemore Nano Scale Black

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Small, but with lot of features. Not only does it look great but it fits easily in the drip tray and portafilter of all popular home machines. Don't be deceived by it's size, it's a master of many things and is perfect for either pour over or espresso brewing.

Many features are the same as the popular Black Mirror plus but the Nano is much smaller and, at just 2 cms tall.

Platform 10cm x 10cm
As the scale is a wedge shape the actual footprint is 10cm x 11.5cm x 2cm high
Accuracy: 0.1g
Range: 0.1g - 2000g
Weight: 230g
Auto timing
Auto off
Check flow rate
No bluetooth connectivity
Colour: black
Producer: Timemore (China)

Auto timer function
Press the timer button 5 times until A appears which is the Auto Timer Mode.
One press of the timer button will start a 3,2,1 countdown for you to start brewing and the timer begins automatically.
Whilst you're brewing you can press the flow rate button on the left side of the scale to check the flow rate. Press the timer button to get back to timer mode.
Note: Might be obvious but you can't check the flow rate if you're not brewing and the auto timer hasn't started.
You'll find that you'll even be able to track the real time flow rate with a press of a button

Espresso Mode
When you're in the Auto Timer mode press the timer button 5 times to get in ESP mode, the A icon will start flashing.
Auto taring starts once there is a cup are on the scale.
As soon as the scale senses there's liquid in the cup the timer starts.
The display will flash after 3 seconds and reset.
Note: If the extraction rate is too fast the timing function won't be triggered.

Control buttons
On the right you've got the power switch, USB C charging port and tare / power button.
On the left there's a button to start the auto timer as well as a button to view the flow rate.
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