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Wilfa Classic CM2B-A125 Coffee Maker Black
Wilfa Classic CM2B-A125 Coffee Maker Black

Wilfa Classic CM2B-A125 Coffee Maker Black

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Wilfa Classic is a minimalist and functional filter coffee machine.

In Nordic design in brushed stainless steel and has all the functions required for perfect coffee every day.
The coffee maker reaches an optimal water temperature between 92 - 96 degrees in just a few seconds. It guarantees stable heat throughout the brewing process which gives the best taste to your coffee.
The brewer keeps the plate warm for 40 minutes and then shuts off automatically.
The coffee maker is equipped with an automatic drip stop.
The certification ensures that the optimal temperature and time is ensured during brewing.
Another feature of the coffee machine is the water tank indicator. The mark attached to the water tank shows how much coffee should be best used for the selected amount of water to create an optimal taste experience

Capacity: 1200ml / up 12 cups
Brewing time: 4 - 6 min
Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center
Power: 1550 W
Automatic drip stop
Water tank indicator
Cleaning indicator
40 minutes hold-warm function with automatic shut-off
Robust material in brushed steel
Dimenstions: 19 x 41.4 x 38,8cm
Weight: 3.9kg
Producer: Wilfa (Norway)
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