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Wilfa SJV-150B Slowjuicer
Wilfa SJV-150B SlowjuicerWilfa SJV-150B SlowjuicerWilfa SJV-150B Slowjuicer

Wilfa SJV-150B Slowjuicer

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150 W / 45 rpm
Tritan mill
Largo slow juicer is a juice machine that teaches you to squeeze world-class fresh juice - at home in your own kitchen. Using a powerful grinder, the juice is slowly squeezed out of the fruit, just like when it is squeezed by hand. The cells in the mass are not destroyed and all taste, color and vitamins are taken care of.

SJ 150B is designed in an elegant matte, black finish. It lets you squeeze delicious, fresh juices from fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is equipped with a practical drip stop that prevents spillage, is quiet and easy to use. Here the children can also squeeze their own juice as it is completely without knives and sharp edges. Serving juice to many is no problem: The food tray makes it easy to add fruit and vegetables along the way. Largo slow juicer is a compact juicer that is easy to wash, use and store.

Drip Stop
Loose parts can be washed in the dishwasher
Feeding tray
Silent engine sound
Produces the freshest and most natural tasting juice
Dimensions: 28 x 41.5 x 35,5 cm
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